Tignyemb laments poor season
6/8/2017 7:15:41 AM

Patrick Tignyemb has been an integral part of the Bloemfontein Celtic setup for approximately a decade. In a frank and in-depth interview, Patrick shares the pain of a relegation battle, his appreciation to supporters and many more…

Celtic Media (CM): Patrick how did you join Celtic?

Patrick Tignyemb (PT): It was just after 2008 Olympic Summer Olympics when I got the call from Celtic to join them. I was a bit sceptical in the beginning but I eventually decided to come. I have not regretted the move and I am proud to call South Africa home.

CM: Let’s get right to it, please summarise the 2016/2017 season for us

PT: Eish… I can’t even think straight. I am still recovering from the trauma caused by a string of poor results. We constantly tried to win using various strategies and duly supported by management but for some mysterious reason, we continued to lose valuable points. To be honest, contrary to what people were saying, we played our hearts out. We worked tirelessly, especially during the second stanza of the season when we woke up to the fact that the ship was sinking. Thank God, we avoided the axe and are still in the PSL.

CM: Please continue…

PT: My brother, I recall my actual words to the chairman (Max Tshabalala) at the beginning of the season when I said; “Boss, you have acquired probably the best squad ever, with proper plans and commitment, we can tussle for the championship.” It’s a pity that with the quality we possessed, we were in the relegation zone for the better part of the season. It was hurting to see our supporters who sometimes lost their temper through frustrations caused by us.

CM: Hectic… and what is your wish for the next season?

PT: To win games from the start, especially at home. Our fortress must be utilized applicably. Perhaps adding more experienced strikers will help also, we had a solid back four, protecting me incredibly well but scoring goals was our major downfall. I am personally thrilled to have had 12 clean sheets and that is because our defence was phenomenal.

CM: Apart from the phenomenal defence in your team, which player/s in South Africa do you envy and why?

PT: Simphiwe Tshabalala from Chiefs is total class; I have so much respect for him. Look at the number of games he has played for his team and he is still going strong. Apart from his charisma, he conducts himself professionally on-and-off the field.

CM: Most people call you crazy and temperamental, any response?

PT: They are 100% right. I believe in sharing jokes an keeping the mood high at the camp but can get irritated especially when things are not done correctly during the game. I lose temper because I’m a complete winner; I hate losing, even during practice matches.

CM: How do you want to wrap the interview?

PT: Obviously by thanking the management for bringing good players and subsequently apologize as a captain for such pathetic displays this past season. Since I joined this team, our supporters have been amazing and winning games for them must be our priority next season. We must return early and prepare correctly, keeping in mind we owe our supporters big time. Every player must make sure we repay the supporters by firstly respecting the badge and lastly winning something for this magnificent bunch of fans.

CM: Thanks for your time Captain and we wish you restful holiday in Cameroon.

The Celtic players are on recess and will return on the 22nd of June 2017 for the pre-season.