Lucky Baloyi interview
8/19/2017 9:06:10 PM

The Sherrif – Lucky Baloyi – is in town

Bloemfontein Celtic will play their season opener against Kaizer Chiefs this Sunday and one of Siwelele’s new recruits, Lucky “Sherrif” Baloyi will be against some of his former teammates playing their trade for Amakhosi.

The Sherrif took some time to talk to Celtic Media about his views on the upcoming game and life in The City Of Roses.

Celtic Media (CM): Welcome to Bloemfontein Celtic and how is the city of Roses treating you up to so far?

Lucky Baloyi (LB): Great, you would swear I have been here for a long time, looking at how we have bonded as players. The atmosphere at Siwelele Park is incredibly refreshing.

CM: Looking at your career, do you feel that you have reached your full potential?

LB: In football, you never cease learning to empower yourself and ultimately reaping the rewards of your investment. I feel that there is still lot of room for improvement, I’m optimistic about growing as a player at Siwelele.

CM: What has been you major challenges and how are you planning to remedy the situation?

LB: The challenge you can face is that when you are not playing you get frustrated and feel like giving up. I was lucky to work with some experienced players who encouraged me not to lose hope and that has helped me to stay focused.

CM: Where did the inspiration to join Celtic emanated from?

LB: Since my playing days at Moroka Swallows and Kaizer Chiefs, it was clear that Celtic will eventually be my destination. They constantly called to enquire about my situation and check my progress, hence it was easy to come here (Celtic).

CM: The pre-season must have been hectic, how are you guys coping and will it finally yield positive results?

LB: I must concede, it was extremely hectic and our stay in Durban was not a holiday trip but intense training compounded by great tactical practices that we have all enjoyed. We won almost every friendly game we played because the coach instilled the winning mentality and kept on reminding us that wearing the Celtic jersey is equivalent to that of the so-called big teams. We are confidence that this season, Celtic’s fans will enjoy seeing us play with determination.

CM: Coincidentally your first game of the season will be against Kaizer Chiefs, what do you anticipate?

LB: Nothing different from any other game. As much as I have played for Chiefs, my loyalty is with Celtic now. We have prepared well, with no excuses, the mood is superb and everyone is rearing to go.

CM: Is there anything you want to share with us?

LB: Nothing major but I sincerely appreciate the opportunity given to me to wear this iconic green-and-white of Celtic. The reception I have been receiving from day one has been amazingly professional and seeing even young players like Kabelo Dlamini promoted from Celtic Colts producing such phenomenal displays during pre-season, I realised that this season, things will be different in a positive way.

CM: You message to the multitudes of Celtic fans looking forward to the new season…

LB: Eish… I don’t know how to describe Celtic supporters. You see, last weekend the entire team was introduced to Masele in a meeting and what a feeling.

I felt so honoured and immediately decided to increase my work rate just for them. They deserve rewards for their passion, commitment, love and great respect for the brand. Even my teammates confessed that the atmosphere during that meeting reignited the winning mentality instantaneously.

CM: ‘Sherriff ’we hope you enjoy your stay here and continue to play with passion

LB: Thanks brother, much appreciated